Kiss the Baby Sky by Tohoshinki

Link : Youtube

When i first listened to this song, i DIDN’T like it.

When i rethought about it, it might be because i used to listen to Tohoshinki’s strongly heartfelt ballads or their super energetic songs and they are really great on it. It made me rather indifferent toward their mid-tempo songs like this one or Share The World that also came to mind.  In addition, i even had hard time to comprehend the tittle much less the lyrics. [Japanese lyrics + poor brain + poor ear that couldn’t caught  the english rap parts!]. So, bluntly say, i have its Music Video solely for completing my Tohoshinki’s Music Videos collection.

Then, not long ago i watched Yoochun who composed this song reveal that Baby Sky means child’s sky and in advance refer to morning sky, the light of morning, the light of sunrise. To put it simply, this song’s message is encourage to always have hope and keep fighting to achieve it and suddenly i had urge to listen to the song right at that moment and well, i keep repeating it from then on and it has been being one of my must-played song in the morning. The sage word that said “tak kenal maka tak sayang” proved to be true then

I want to reach out to the sky, kiss the blue sky*

I hope nobody freak out on the tittle. As a matter of fact, as self-claimed big dreamer, dream isn’t just kind of a simple goal for me, it’s my fuel, my cheerleader, my strength, and other noun in the same sense as something that keep me alive (in connotative way) and enjoy my life. A friend of mine ever asked me whether dream is something that really important, because he confessed that he didn’t really have any big dream, he live his life solely just doing his daily life and maintaining it in right way. Well, my answer is something that Whitbourne mentioned as typical psycho-babble, “it depends”. Read the rest of this entry »