Be Busy, Be Happy!

January 11, 2011

Today,  i lost count on how many time i whined about how sleepy i was and how tiring my mind was because of a certain academic season that force me go against hundreds of my fellow psychology students in snatching seats of this VERY LIMITED classes. A friend asked me why didn’t i just get some sleep if it was what i really wanted to. Oh, ofcourse i WANTED to sleep, moreover the weather is inclined to cloudy today, the perfect weather to tuck under a warm blanket, but i opt to drag myself to library instead.


Because i want to be happy!

A study from 2010 suggested that we are actually happier when we are busy. The result of the study also showed that we will still be happy even we are busy over meaningless activity, even the researcher see an opportunity for government intervention: “Governments may increase the happiness of idle citizens by having them build bridges that are actually useless.”

Well, maybe doing meaningless thing still has this magic to make us feel happier, but wouldn’t we feel more content if we are busy over activities that could lead us nearer to our goal or activities that suit our values? It doesn’t mean you should be busy doing some errands all day long, like today, at library,  I didn’t do any activities that need much mental and physical energy like reading or holding serious discussion, i just chose some simple activities yet it still complemented my goal because that are what i could afford at that time.

In addition, the result of this research showed the paradox that we will be happier if we are busy, but we are inclined toward idleness. Why it is hard to fight idleness/laziness? The researcher suggested that it’s part of our evolutionary vestige to preserve energy.

Considering that fact, so i put ‘keep myself busy’ on my resolution’s list to guarantee enough ammount of commitment to execute it. So far, i have been keeping myself busy even this is a long holiday and i do feel this holiday is really fun 🙂 and this is also could be seen as an effort to treasure and  maximazed the use of limited time that we have.

Despite all this fact, the researcher still emphasized that laziness, in marginal doses, serves a purpose. So, enough ammount of rest is still needed. Give your body and mind their right to rest. It’s past midnight right now, so i think should sleep ASAP!

let your time gone to waste with no use is equal to discard your own life


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Kiss the Baby Sky by Tohoshinki

Link : Youtube

When i first listened to this song, i DIDN’T like it.

When i rethought about it, it might be because i used to listen to Tohoshinki’s strongly heartfelt ballads or their super energetic songs and they are really great on it. It made me rather indifferent toward their mid-tempo songs like this one or Share The World that also came to mind.  In addition, i even had hard time to comprehend the tittle much less the lyrics. [Japanese lyrics + poor brain + poor ear that couldn’t caught  the english rap parts!]. So, bluntly say, i have its Music Video solely for completing my Tohoshinki’s Music Videos collection.

Then, not long ago i watched Yoochun who composed this song reveal that Baby Sky means child’s sky and in advance refer to morning sky, the light of morning, the light of sunrise. To put it simply, this song’s message is encourage to always have hope and keep fighting to achieve it and suddenly i had urge to listen to the song right at that moment and well, i keep repeating it from then on and it has been being one of my must-played song in the morning. The sage word that said “tak kenal maka tak sayang” proved to be true then

I want to reach out to the sky, kiss the blue sky*

I hope nobody freak out on the tittle. As a matter of fact, as self-claimed big dreamer, dream isn’t just kind of a simple goal for me, it’s my fuel, my cheerleader, my strength, and other noun in the same sense as something that keep me alive (in connotative way) and enjoy my life. A friend of mine ever asked me whether dream is something that really important, because he confessed that he didn’t really have any big dream, he live his life solely just doing his daily life and maintaining it in right way. Well, my answer is something that Whitbourne mentioned as typical psycho-babble, “it depends”. Read the rest of this entry »

Like attracts Like

November 25, 2010

On 25th of October 2010, Taylor Swift released her nth album. I couldn’t say that i am her fan but i admit i dig most of her songs, well, i always prefer female solo singer in general. Not always, but their song lyrics often depict what a girl (or woman) might feel. It’s great to hear someone else voicing out something that i always have in my mind. Ever heard an anecdote below?

To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little.
To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot
and not try to understand her at all*

See? Most of men on this planet have had convention already that woman is kind of creature whose their way of thought is too incomprehensible, thus it would save their life to just trying not to understand it. What i am trying to say is that it feels great when i know there are other women who i share my sentiment with & understand what i feel. It’s rewarding! If Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, and Jojo are reside in Depok, i would befriend with them!

Actually, it isn’t unreasonable to feel that way. I had Miller’s Intimate Relationship (2010) by my side while i was writing this, so let’s see what i could find in the said book regarding my ramble above. Read the rest of this entry »